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SWTORForce gegründet

Hallo Leute

Wir ( SWTORForce ) gründeten eine europäische community die ich hier vorstelle.
Weil es eine europäische gilde ist stelle ich sie in englisch vor :P
(PS: sorry für mein vorheriges Threat im falschen Forum ;P )

Hello gamer

we are a guild of european player.
Our main interest
is building a nice community of SW-gaming fans.
In our guild SWTORForce we want to start with a guild out of Jedis - the republic site.
We choosed PvP as main action, but ofc members are free to do quests etc.
Also we don't want to force you to play this game each day, because sometimes
private things are more important. Nevertheless i'll hope we will get enough members
online to fill raids and missions properly.
I'm sure once we will have enough members to build a sith-site too.
About us (Leader and Officer):
We are mixed in age and countries and we have experience in other StarWars communities,
so i'm sure that we will have a lot of fun in game

i will be happy if you'll join our guild

(our website is : )

May the force be with you




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